Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Lock Down with the Little Un, Cairngorms National Park

This week we're chatting to Dominique, from Ballater Hostel in the Cairngorms National Park...

We took the opportunity with the extra time on our hands to spend more time with our little’un, Ari, now 2 years old.  Having only learnt to walk shortly after lockdown 1 (in September) we found we weren’t able to do all the “jobs” we had planned this time around; we couldn’t work the way we had done during 2020 (abandoning said child in a bedroom and getting on with painting!) and we had to adapt.  But this equally meant we were able to spend more time with Ari.

With the heavy snow in Ballater we spent many an hour igloo building, playing in the garden and doing wee walks.  Ari even enjoyed her very first hot drink - a freshly made hot chocolate brewed up on the burner in the snow 😊.


We played in the woods, learnt to play pooh sticks and reflected on life.  Our walks have slowed down – allowing Ari to experience walking on her own and not always being carried (it’s a good workout).  She hasn’t quite managed a Munro, but she’ll go far if there’s “choc choc”. 


She occasionally lets us into the office, and one day we’ll have to teach her the ropes – but until then – she’s not allowed near my spreadsheets!!

We’ve overcome some big hurdles this past year, first learning to walk, then moving into the “big bed”.  Our final mission of lockdown 2, before we reopen on the 26th April, is to train the youngest staff member how to use the potty.  Apparently, we didn’t specify on the job role that this was a requirement.  I wonder if there’s an e-learning course we can do via zoom.

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  1. Love this article - very inspirational for many people. Beautiful pictures and great place to visit too. Just hope I can get up there soon - just as soon as Scotland opens its borders again!