Monday, 22 March 2021

Lock-Down Walks on Sanday

The Orkney Island of Sanday isn't a bad place to spend lock-down. Paul and Julie, who own and run Ayres Rock Hostel, transformed from converted outbuildings which overlook Ayres Beach. 

Sanday is the largest of the North Isles of Orkney and is famous for its sweeping bays with their white un-spoilt sandy beaches.

During the various lock-downs, Paul and Julie challenged themselves to walk the Sanday Coastline.  As Sanday was officially "level 3", they were able to walk in stages, driving to locations and continuing where they left off. 

Along the way they came across costal erosion and shifting sands which are making new sand bars. They also found lots of creel pots, buoys and shipping rope, plus the odd Orca whale!

Paul and Julie estimate that you could walk Sanday’s coast in five days, not including the Holms and Start point.  Some parts require a few fences to be hopped over but all could be covered by novice walkers. 

Sanday is a peaceful place which requires time to savour its gentle charm. You can fish for trout in the lochs or wander the beaches, visit archaeological sites or watch the basking seals. Sanday offers unlimited opportunities for wildlife enthusiasts both professional and amateur. 

It's also and ideal location for water sports Kayaking, Kite Surfing and Windsurfing!

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