Monday, 19 December 2016

Scotland’s first hostel app with unique features

Anyone looking for the friendly, affordable and convenient accommodation that hostelling offers will now find it a lot easier to source a bed for the night. Scottish Independent Hostels  has commissioned the first hostel app for Scotland which is now in the App Store and Google Play. 

One major benefit for hostellers, who are often travelling in remote regions which may have no connectivity is being able to still find the accommodation information they need on their phone. When online, app users will be able to synchronise with the website to get up to date information via a searchable map, a regional listing of hostels and an A-Z listing. Each hostel listing has a description, images, address, prices, contact details and a review rating. 

The app has special features which will be welcomed by travellers, for example allowing them locate their nearest hostel through ‘hostels near me’, based on the user’s current location. The ‘my hostels’ section saves favourite hostels and directions for future use, a particularly valuable benefit for users when offline.

SIH, commissioned Scottish technology company, Planys Mobile to produce the app.

Paul Stewart, Creative Director at Planys Mobile explained: “Our design approach focused on creating a simple, intuitive and useful app, while making the most valuable information available quickly. We developed and highlighted features that make the proposition useful even after a hostel had been found”.

Visit Scotland visitor research carried out during 2015 found that 65% of visitors use a smart phone during their visit; during 2017 this figure will be even higher. The research found that one of the few negatives for visitors was any lack of wi-fi availability, therefore the offline features of this app should prove a hit with hostel guests.

Chris Davidson of Haggis Hostels and Vice Chair of SIH was the driving force behind developing the app.  He firmly believes that  the release of the SIH smart phone app  will make travelling and staying across Scotland in our hostels a much easier process. Enabling Scotland's visitors to find up-to-date information such as reviews, prices, directions and contact details on our members’ hostels and to book in real time on their phone will benefit all who download and use the app.