Friday, 21 October 2016

Take a hostel-hopping journey through Scotland, “under your own steam"

Become a genuine traveller and discover the real Scotland “under your own steam” without the use of a car or motorbike, meeting fascinating people and communities while staying in Scottish independent hostels.

Travelling through Scotland on foot, cycle, bus or train is a great way to have interesting and unexpected adventures, and unquestionably more fun than the isolation of travelling by car.  Adding hostel accommodation to your journey will increase the chance of meeting some really fascinating people, from hostel owners and local characters to fellow travellers.

Scottish Independent Hostels is compiling a series of journeys “under your own steam” to inspire people to become genuine travellers, getting to know the communities they visit and the people who live there and meet along the way, by staying in their hostels.  We have 130 hostel members throughout Scotland, easily accessible by bus, train, ferry and bicycle. Other methods of travelling, from kayaking and sailing to horse-riding are also perfect for hostelling.

Two “under your own steam” journeys, taking in the Orkney Islands and the Isle of Skye are on the SIH website; the Isle of Skye Journey can be by cycle, train or bus.  A further three journeys to the Outer Hebrides; Loch Ness and the Great Glen and central Scotland are in the pipeline. 

Travel writers, bloggers and hostellers are invited to visit the SIH website to choose their preferred destinations for their personal “under your own steam” journey. For a firm commission, hostels will provide complimentary accommodation 

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