Thursday, 9 January 2014

An Insight into Independent Hostelling and Volunteering.

Lazy Duck Hostel Nethy Bridge CairngormsIt’s difficult to encapsulate what is so unique and special about the people who own and run Independent Hostels, especially since even within our own SIH Membership every owner and every Hostel is so totally different!

A great insight as to why people run a Hostel is The Lazy Duck owned by Valery and David Dean.  The Lazy Duck is the smallest Hostel within our membership and totally delightful.  Like many of our members, there are other types of accommodation on site running alongside the Hostel to provide a sustainable and profitable enterprise.

For over 30 years The Lazy Duck has hosted climbers, walkers, paddlers, campers, cyclists, mountain bikers - solo travellers as well as families and activity groups. Fiddle and clarsach, guitar and pipes have played late into the evening and many a 'craic' has been enjoyed round the camp fires at the Hostel and on the camping ground.